Win £10 every day

Mobile games are great fun!
But hey, building an army, a farm, or throwing angry birds around the screen can cost you quite a few hours and a bit of cash!

Did you know that some gaming companies make as much as $5M a day from their players?
What if there was a game that gave some of the money back to its players?

Enter Tenner, the simple puzzle game that rewards you with real cash.
Play the puzzle and build up your daily score. Every day at midnight, the top scorer gets £10.

Find out why we are doing it on our blog.

* Launching in Beta in Summer 2017

  • Enter iOS Beta List
  • Soon on Google Play
  • Complete the puzzle
  • Earn points and coins as you play
  • Use coins to boost your score
  • Reach #1 by midnight to win £10